Gerard SerraTroy Music

Of the three great universal languages, music is the one that is closer to the truth, I guess that's why I make music

About me

Producer, Composer and Guitarist formed in a degree superior to the Barcelona musicians' workshop in the specialty of instrumentalist / composer. He works as a guitarist in various formations and also adapting, recording in his Rajadell Studio.
He has composed music of all styles and formats, for documentaries and advertising, his adaptations have sounded in the mainstream media, for years they have also become involved in music for video games.


I have always had an eclectic and integral vision of music, here you will find my personal approach with the guitar in this way of living and seeing it.

Helping to dress and emphasize audiovisual stories is one of the most challenging things for me when it comes to composing music by images.

I have recorded, mixed, mastered and produced all kinds of projects, these are some of them.

filferro is an acoustic duo with which I have adapted classical and universal themes of pop rock in Catalan throughout the Catalan geography. First with David Repullés, as filferroduet and currently with Jordi Repullés and Albert Gamez filferro trio.



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